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  • Buzz Teamz will help you to create your digital courses, set up your online school, and launch successfully.


    Learn to create, launch and deliver your online courses

    If you are a female business owner, who decided to offer digital courses as part of her business portfolio, and who doesn't know where to start, you are in the right place.

    Buzz Teamz is here to eliminate the frustration and overwhelm that often accompanies course creation and to offer you clear, practical guidance and support.

  • Your Course-Creation Toolkit

    Here at Buzz Teamz you’ll find answers to most of your niggling course-creation related questions:

    How to create your very first online mini-course?

    How to set up your online course platform (and which one to choose)?

    How to keep your learners engaged through the entire course and make sure that they complete it?

    What are the typical presentation mistakes you should try to avoid?

    What is the difference between a Kickstarter course and a Flagship course and which one should you create?

    What equipment do you need to start recording your online courses? What if your budget is limited?

    What if you never had to teach anything to anyone? What should you do then?

    What can you do to get your learners involved in the learning process? What are the tricks you could use?

    How to find the time to create your course, set up your online school, and sell it to your audience, when you work full time and are exhausted by the end of a workday?

  • How Buzz Teamz will help you?


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    When it comes to course creation, here at Buzz Teamz we focus our attention on three key elements:

    • YOU, the expert, who shares her knowledge,

    • Your ideal learners, who have a problem, a desire, or a dream that keeps them up at night,

    • The Transformation that your learners go through as they complete your course.


    Once we built that foundation, we use a mixture of tools and methods to help you create a truly transformative course using:

    • A functioning online school platform,

    • The right marketing strategy to reach your learners,

    • Sales pages and other written materials to help your learners to make an informed decision

    • And all the techy bits to deliver your fabulous course, take payments, stay in touch with your learners…

    You will find all of this and more here, at Buzz Teamz.

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  • Why are we called Buzz Teamz?


    You’re probably wondering where this name comes from. So let me ask you a question: 


    What did you love the most about your favourite online courses as an attendee? Was it the content? Was it the aesthetics of the course? Or was it the course leader and the buzz that you experienced by being part of a team of like-minded people? Even when the course delivery happens through Facebook, the energy of the group and the thoughtful leadership of the course creator really define the learner’s level of satisfaction with the course. A good course is not just about the content, but it’s about the motivation, the shared experience, the community, the people involved.


    This is why Buzz Teamz has been created. Being an entrepreneur and creating courses can be a lonely path, so Buzz Teamz is offering a safe place, a protective hive, where you can learn the ins and outs of course creation and selling and growing your business confidently.


    We also hope that through your very own courses, you’ll create your own hubs of buzz teams, where your learners will get together, find their own tribe and learn from you and each other.


    We are making a BUZZ. Join the hive!


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