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    If you think recording a few videos and creating a bunch of handout documents is all that is involved in course creation, then you’re in for a surprise, I’m afraid.


    Once you’ve spent days (or weeks, sometimes even months) creating your “baby”, your online course, you want to make sure that your message will reach your potential course participants. Right?

    You want to make sure you get it right.

    You want to find a way to fill those courses easier and quicker. But not with just anyone: with your IDEAL LEARNERS. The ones who are ready for your offer, who will come to your course filled with curiosity and excitement. You want them to complete your courses as your new lifelong customers.

    And of course, you want to make more money from your courses (duh?!). You gave it everything you had, you are passionate about it and it represents amazing value, so naturally, you would like to see some great return on your investment.

    You probably even know that you can achieve this and more with copywriting, but that just doesn’t come naturally to you.

    I know where you are coming from.

    And I'm here for you!

    Let's work together and turn your amazing work into a real source of revenue!

    My extensive experience in course creation, instructional design, and adult learning combined with my expertise in copywriting will be the best ally in your quest to find your perfect (and paying) learners. 


    Let's find your voice and sell your courses!

  • Copy Types for Course Creators

    What you usually need to sell your courses successfully

    Website Copy

    Make a good first impression with customers by speaking directly to them. I will make your business stand out with a professional copy. We can modify your current website or start from scratch. I will write a carefully crafted web copy for you, with strategic SEO keyword placement on each page of your website.

    Blogs Posts

    Blogs are one of today's most popular and effective marketing tools. Written with your potential learners in mind, a quality copy is guaranteed to bring more traffic to your website. I will write engaging and consistent blogs to help your website rise to the top of search engines with effective SEO.

    Sales Pages

    It takes a lot to attract your audience all the way to a sales page, so let’s make sure that it converts! Help your readers to understand your offer, show them how your course will resolve their problems, and address their doubts with reassuring information. Let me help your audience to turn from a browser into a paying learner of yours!

    Engaging E-mail Sequences

    I will engage your audience in a lively conversation, share knowledge and build a long-term relationship with them. E-mails are incredibly powerful tools to attract your ideal learners to your courses, capture their data (like consumer behaviour) and eventually make them buy your courses.

    Resonating Course Descriptions

    I can write a copy that will emphasize the benefits of your courses, projects, or products - how can this help them, what it can do for them. I will use captivating language to create a picture in the customer's mind and speak to their pain points. Highlighting the popularity of the product through a social proof is also a great way to get customers to buy.

    Facebook/Social Media Ads

    You want to grab the attention of the right people when you spend money on social media advertisements. You want to reach your future customers and you want them to act right there and then. My social media ads will achieve this for you .


    Do you need a fabulous copy to sell your course?

    This is how it works

    Finding the right copywriter for your course (and your business) is a very personal journey. You have to make sure that the copywriter captures and enhances your voice and your style. To ensure we are right for each other, I've created the following method to work with my course copywriting clients:


    Discovery Call

    Thanks for contacting me, nice to meet you! First, we chat about your project and what you want to achieve. My default method is zoom.us to connect, but if you wish, you can call me on my phone too (UK number).


    Test Project Proposal

    Next, I will send you a written proposal for a test project you chose. It will include your objectives, my approach to meeting them and an estimated cost for the work. Let's see if we are right for each other.


    Front and Centre

    This is the part where I ask lots of questions to get a firm grasp on your project and gain a better understanding of you and your business. This way I can ensure that my draft hits the right notes.



    I'll send you the written agreement of the test project along with an invoice for 50% of the agreed project value, which needs to be paid before I begin to work. Once your deposit is cleared, your project is added to my work schedule and the clock starts.



    This is the moment when I settle down with all the source materials you gave me, carry out my research if required, and start writing the first draft of your project.



    I send you the first draft, and hopefully it will be everything you wanted. If you want some changes, we can go through a feedback process of a few small tweaks or (1) complete rewrite.



    And finally, you receive your ship-shape, shiny copy and hopefully this will signal the beginning of a beautiful (long-term) relationship.

    But no pressure!

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