This morning I had a wake-up call. This was another morning when I just felt too tired and uninspired to get up early, in the cold and dark, and spend some extra hours on my business, before my 9-5 day started. 

Today was payday, so I went through my finances, planned ahead, dreading a little bit the time when I will break free from my day job and will have to be without a regular paycheck for some time. 

And then I went through my emails, where a somber reminder of how fragile life is awaited me.

If you ever looked for support on how to create an impactful online course, then I’m sure you came across her and her business. Her name was Jeanine Blackwell, and she ran a business helping entrepreneurs  create their impactful courses. 

I didn’t know her well enough, only followed her business from a distance, but I liked her style and she led a business I aspired to create. I admired her and I was always curious what she was up to,

Yet this morning, when I opened my emails and learned that she passed away after a year-long battle with breast cancer, my heart sank. She was only 55. And according to her daughter, who sent out the email, her battle with cancer only lasted for a year. 

I don’t know about you, but I tend to procrastinate and put things off, partly because I think I’ve got time. And at the age of 42 with reasonably good health, I think I do have time. But it’s not guaranteed. No-one is making me promises that I’ll be able to go after my dreams and won’t be interrupted by an unexpected illness, or something majorly life-changing. And whilst I’m not naive about these things (after all, we are still living in a pandemic), I can easily ignore the fact that I’m not getting any younger and that I should seize the day. 

So I’m going to get up earlier tomorrow, to work on my business and get that lead magnet out there. I will keep reminding myself that the time we have here is a gift and I have to make the most of it. I will remind myself of this when I’m making questionable choices and not prioritising my health. 

Life is a gift and in as little as a mere month or a year, it can be taken away from us. 

So if you want to start that business, go ahead and do it. If you’re so unhappy in your current situation that you can hardly think of anything else, then make some bold changes. 

We have only one life, and rather than being miserable all the time, or just indifferent (which is just as bad), it’s time to become excited again, making brave and bold moves and shaking-up things.

Because it can be over in just a year, just like Jeanine’s. 

So, rest in peace, Jeanine. I wish your family comfort and peace knowing that you led a fulfilling, inspiring life. 

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