• So let’s talk about us a little bit, shall we?

    Yes, us, as in you and me!

    I know, you probably thought that this bit is going to be all about me, but the truth is that everything we do here at Buzz Teamz is about your success. About how well we can help you overcome those niggling self-doubts, the procrastination monster, the terrifying feeling of not knowing how to do what you’re supposed to be doing…


    So let’s talk about you and where you are at the moment:

    • Do you feel disheartened and maybe a bit deflated? Does it feel like creating your online course is a lot more difficult than you ever imagined?

    • Do you hope that your new online course will give you the income and freedom to move away from 1-2-1 client work or your day job?

    • Did you expect to hit a certain milestone by now and are you beating yourself up for not being there yet?

    • Do you often ask yourself why the heck you’re bothering with trying to create an online course? Are you secretly frustrated because you’re not content with what you have now (I mean the cushy job, the monthly paychecks, feeling secure but mildly bored)?

    Creating an online course is often a lot more loaded with expectations than we care to admit. For some, an online course is a way out of a dead-end job, the glimpse of hope that there is life beyond the 9-5.

    For others, who are already making a living as entrepreneurs, it can be the exit strategy from trading hours for money (as coaches, consultants, experts). It represents the hope that one day they can scale back a bit and enjoy some extra money rolling in.

    Some think that they have to jump on the bandwagon because everybody is selling courses these days (and it’s true, but if you don’t at least like the subject of your e-course, then it will be a struggle for sure).


    Where do you fit in?


    I bet you’re a bit shocked because you thought that we’ll only be going to talk about Course Creation, but you see, we all bring our expectations and hopes to the table. Not to mention our wonderful, one-of-a-kind personalities, right?


    Here at Buzz Teamz, we are looking at the whole package. 


    Buzz Teamz is a platform where you can learn all about successful course creation and marketing whilst addressing all those other issues under the surface that no one likes to talk about (including the dreaded impostor-syndrome and the comparison-game). You'll find here tools and services that will move you along the way as well as some thought-provoking blog posts and some real talk on our Social Media platforms. 


    So welcome here, please look around and see all the ways we can help you create and grow your online course selling business whilst growing into the entrepreneur you truly are.



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